In this last period I had the small idea to create a small website for stocks and actions. Nothing very fancy, but something too try to learn something new about the magic world of finance.

Looking around for a good API to retrieve an historical data, I was able to found Yahoo Finance API (deprecated few weeks ago), Intrinio (pretty) and AlphaVantage. The last one was my choice to try to experiment with this world.

AlphaVantage Documentation

The AlphaVantage HTTP Api works more than efficiently for my taste, but I was disappoint to discover that there were no available gem (Ruby libraries) for it.

Since I like works well done, I had a boost of confidence in myself and I create AlphaVantageRB: a nice Ruby wrapper for AlphaVantage HTTP API.

If you are curious and you want to know a little more: please visit my GitHub page or download the Gem from Rubygem.

Between Music and Books

Since our life is not only computer, work and programming, for once we leave the digital world to talk a little about music and books.

My music (in the website is interactive)
My music (in the website is interactive)

Playing, listening music and reading books are some of my favourite hobbies. In my free time I enjoy to play piano, listen some electro-swing or read an amazing historic book. But my website did not give enough emphasis on these important parts of my life: for this reason I create two new pages under the new category “More about me”.

One page is for music:

The other one for books:

I had a little problem to illustrate these two hobbies since I do not have a very definite taste. For example for music I listen rock, classic music, Italian pop, epic metal, Irish music, soundtrack and so on. About books I am not better since I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, historical, politics, detectives stories, thriller…

My books (in the website is interactive)
My books (in the website is interactive)

To solve this bad situation, I recovered two of my favourite social networks: and Goodreads. The first one collects all my listened music between a process called “scrobbling”, the second one is a good list of my reading in the past years. By using the available apis and widgets, it was not difficult to obtain two elegant interactive showcases.

As last thing I cannot conclude the section music without showing a little my ability to play piano. For this purpose I embedded two videos with me on the piano.

Have fun!

Stefano Martin