Project Euler

One famous website to test your own ability to code is Project This website offers over 500 different challenges that can be solved only by the use of some programming language.

The programming language of my choice is Java. Thus with courage and ambition I started quickly to write and compile lines and lines of codes.

Since I just began, the quantity of my solved exercises (25) is not actually exciting. But it permits me to obtain the first level of Euler that equivals to be in the 14.75% of people that was able to solve at least 25 problems.

I want to add one thing: the exercise usually are very specific, by requiring an exact value. For example problem 7 asks: “What is the 10001st prime number?”
My program solves instead: “What is the n-th prime number?” where n is a positive integer. I like to have more general answers.

If you are curious you can find my Bitbucket repository here: click me!

Oh! About the repositories! At the bottom of my webpage you can find now a small bucket. That one will permit you to find my repositories on Bitbucket.

Stefano Martin

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