The creation of Yeyedo

The creation of was an important step to improve my programming skills.

I had a very shy start: a little of html and CSS, very basic knowledge of Javascript and a really strong will to learn new concepts. With two lines of javascript code I understood that my project was possible, and in few weeks I owned already a working website.

However what I had in my hands was a website ’90 years style: a very shiny interface, almost zero back-end, and a terrible code syntax. In the first version of the website was able to save everything on cookies, but it was not very satisfying.

Thank you StackOverflow! Thank you!
Thank you StackOverflow! Thank you!

With passion I try to search help from my friends: but in a world of engineers, I did not obtain so many feedbacks. However “not so many” does not mean “nothing”: I had some good advices on the style and one friend suggests me to study harder PHP and mySql.

It was not easy, but the creation of a good database by PHP and mySQL was not an impossible mission. XAMPP was my ally and permitted me to fight honorably the was against the back-end.

So, yeah! End of the games? Ah ah ah ah ah!!! That was the moment that I discover jQuery. Yeah! I created all the AJAX connections in basic Javascript. All the interactions with the objects managed by awful javascript strings. The discovery of jQuery for me was like the arrive of Colombo in America. A lot of opportunities but many many many things to do.

The discovery of jQuery for me was like the arrive of Colombo in America. A lot of opportunities but many new problems to solve.

With courage I practically rewrote all my previous code. By rewriting, I did not only implement jQuery but I put in order in the programming chaos. It was simply beautiful. A terrible childish book finally started to become a readable story. Not an epic romance, but still a good read.

I tried to implement Angular and Backbone.js too, but it was like shooting a bird with an atomic bomb. I preferred to leave their use for future projects.

The last touch was the creation of the mobile version. But at this point, by curiosity, I tried to use Git on a Bitbucket account. My face at its first use was blank and trembling. Why? Why nobody showed me this before? WHY?!? Mega and mega of bytes used on OneDrive, hard disks and servers. I said goodbye forever to “thisisdefinitiveversion2B24092014.css” and I welcomed with pleasure the new tools.

My face at its first use was blank and trembling. Why? Why nobody showed me this before? WHY?!?

The conclusion of this first version, by using jQuery Mobile for the mobile version, is the happy end of this story.

I hope that you will appreciate!


How to use Yeyedo

It is very simple to use Yeyedo.

First things: If you want to save your engines, remember to subscribe on With your account you will be able to access all your favourite engines by smartphones and every internet devices.

SelectplusTo add a new engine click on the big + at the end of the page and then select your favourite engine in relation of its group and type. For example if you want “Google”: select group “Search”, then  “International” and at end “Google”.
In alternative you can click on “Find” at the top of the page and find your engine by typing the name inside the box.

You can make a search by typing what you want and pressing “Enter” or the small magnifying glass icon.

To “Change” a search engine you can click on “C”. But if you press “C” by mistake, you can “Recover” easily the changed engine by pressing on “R”.

To delete the box of the engine you can press the minus “-“.

You can order your boxes easily by keeping press on the small arrows on the side of the container.

Yeyedo v 1.0

I am happy to say that the first version of is finally available.

This website is a personalizable aggregator of search engines. Finally you can make searches with Google, Youtube, Amazon, Twitter and so on, on the same website. For example I research for university, watch Youtube videos, listen music from Spotify and check Wikipedia. My Yeyedo webpage is the following.


However you can use your style in Yeyedo. For examples: do you love music? Or programming? Or fan fiction? You can personalize it as you wish!

Yeyedo Music
Yeyedo Music
Yeyedo Programming
Yeyedo Programming
Yeyedo Images
Yeyedo Images
Yeyedo Google
Yeyedo Google
Yeyedo Games
Yeyedo Games
Yeyedo Fanfiction
Yeyedo Fanfiction
Yeyedo Cinema
Yeyedo Cinema

And it is even optimized for your smartphone!


Let me know what do you think. I wait for your feedbacks!

Welcome to

Welcome everybody to!

This website is a project managed by only one person, thus if you have any advice or suggestion to implement, don’t worry to use this blog. Only, please, don’t be rude. Any compliment is welcome too!

The objective of Yeyedo is to collect many engines so that the search on Internet can be easier than by using only Google. I have added several engines (actually are over 200) but a lot of them are still missing. Use the command “Find” to see if your favourite website is in my database, if not it will appear a form to send me your suggestion. I will try to implement it as soon as possible.

Please note that for the moment the big part of the search engines are about English websites. I am looking forward to add more national engines, thus even if your favourite website is in arabic, you can suggest it. However, please, write a comment in English so I can understand why the website is important for you.

I hope that you enjoy Yeyedo!

Thank you a lot!

Yeyedo admin