Connect Four in C

And here we are again!

After all these cryptographic methods I was thinking: maybe this blog is becoming too much serious. I need to give a little of fun to my poor readers.

For this reason I recover from the grave an old program in C that I created in my Bachelor. It was in Italian language, but… Come on! You don’t have to worry! I translate this game in English and I correct some small bugs. So! Have fun!

Eh?!? I didn’t say what about is this program? Really? Oh…

As you can read from the title is “Connect four” on terminal. A simple picture so you can understand better what I am talking.

This is connect four

It is a turn game 1 against 1 where you need to be the first to insert four coins in line horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

In my version you can play against a friend or, if you are alone, against a little smart pc. It is not a very high AI, but it can provide a small challenge.

At the end of every match, a score and the time used will be saved on your pc. In this way you will be able to recover easily the chronology of your matches!

Full of smiles! 😀

Instructions and rules are also provided inside of the game. You can download it by here.

Connect Four in C

Give a try and let me know what you think!

Your sincerely,
Stefano Martin

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