AES with C

Welcome everybody again!

This week is a cryptographic period and I want to present again AES.

AGAIN?!? Ok… I can understand your concern. Already in the last week I gave you a very similar program in Java. But there was something that bothers me.

When I want to protect something, I want to be able to protect everything. With Java I was quite happy to be able to encrypt any type of language (Chinese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, and so on). But it was not enough for me. I didn’t want only to encrypt simple text files, but even pictures, video or more complicate files.

A simple example of how to use this new program

For this reason I recover an old friend called C and I went brutally on the basis of the file code. To overcome the simple letter structure as ‘A’, ‘b’ or ‘胡’ and transcend in the fantastic world made of zeros and one, i.e. something like this 10101010101.

I am happy thus to make you available a new program in C, downloadable without any problem by here.

AES-128, AES-192 and AES 256, this time in C

Which are the advantages of this version?
+  You can encrypt (and decrypt) any files.
+  It it faster than Java
+  It works fine in Linux too (here the download for Linux version)

Which are the disadvantages?
–  The application is not user friendly (you need to use the terminal)
–  It is a little harder to select the file that you want to encrypt (or decrypt)

Give a try! But be careful! I will give you the same alert of the last time. If you encrypt a file and you delete the original one (DON’T DO IT), then you can recover your original document only if you own the password. I can’t accept any responsibility or liability for damages arising from the misuse of this program.

Your sincerely,
Stefano Martin

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