Update website and Pinterest

From when I create stefano.yeyedo.com around one year and half ago many things are changed. I found a new job, I bought a house with my wonderful wife and together we adopt a cute cat.


However life is changing, but this website was remaining the same. For this reason in the last days I did a general update.

Now the published papers are updated with a more complete list. This was necessary since two papers were accepted for publication.

I update my working skills by adding my new Ruby knowledge and database management. Furthermore I add my gem ArangoRB to the project lists.

A new Pinterest page


Both my normal curriculum vitae and my academic curriculum vitae have been updated with an update data.

At the bottom to the Bitbucket repository, I add a link to my GitHub repository, where you can find the already cited ArangoRB.

Last, but not less important, I add a new page dedicated to Pinterest where you can have a preview of five of my main boards. Feel free to follow me if you own a Pinterest account too.


As a developer I found myself with the struggling problem which type of Database was more convenient to use. Without revealing our company choice, I can say that I tried several ones.

In particular, I was attracted by the graph database like Neo4j, OrientDB and ArangoDB. I like in particular the last one, that provide a splendid documentation and, in comparison with the other three, in my humble opinion, a better performance.

ArangoDB logo

The only problem that I had was the lack of a good maintained driver for https://www.arangodb.com/Ruby, the programming language that I was, and I am, using. After a while of research, I understand that my hope to find something already built was useless. If I wanted to use efficiently ArangoDB with Ruby, I should work for myself and for all the ArangoDB/Ruby community.

I used a couple of weeks and at the end I create my first gem ArangoRB.

I was going to contact ArangoDB to ask some advice about it, but they were faster  and they e-mail me to thanks for this new driver.

At the moment, I proud to say that ArangoRB is the main driver for ArangoDB. A little satisfaction for my first experience in the open-source programming world.