Welcome to Yeyedo.com

Welcome everybody to Yeyedo.com!

This website is a project managed by only one person, thus if you have any advice or suggestion to implement, don’t worry to use this blog. Only, please, don’t be rude. Any compliment is welcome too!

The objective of Yeyedo is to collect many engines so that the search on Internet can be easier than by using only Google. I have added several engines (actually are over 200) but a lot of them are still missing. Use the command “Find” to see if your favourite website is in my database, if not it will appear a form to send me your suggestion. I will try to implement it as soon as possible.

Please note that for the moment the big part of the search engines are about English websites. I am looking forward to add more national engines, thus even if your favourite website is in arabic, you can suggest it. However, please, write a comment in English so I can understand why the website is important for you.

I hope that you enjoy Yeyedo!

Thank you a lot!

Yeyedo admin